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Vance Walberg Oregon State

Vance Walberg blood drills

Halfcourt attack by team O then fullcourt the other way by team X, back by team O, substitute (however, the drill ends when there is a shot attempt at the near basket, the far basket, then the near basket again, so keep going on a steal or turnover). Pick up fullcourt man-to-man immediately after a make or miss (pick up the man who was guarding you, be aware of switches). Look to trap or run and jump, and to slow the ball down immediately. If the defence starts retreating, stop the drill and run an 11 (up and back in 11 seconds). Play to 11 points with 2s and 3s.

Oregon State 44 - 4 on 4 with an open post (shown).

Oregon State 33 - 3 on 3 with 1, 5 and 2 or 3 on attack.

See Scrimmages - Spurs one way, Pistons (3 trips).

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