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Spurs one way

Gregg Popovich

5 on 5 halfcourt, then down and back.

Team O runs a set play against team X, which gets a point for a stop, team O does not get a point for a score.

Team X then goes down fullcourt against team O, which can score 1 point for a stop.

Team O attacks team X coming back, team O scores 1 for a basket, team X scores 1 for a stop.

Teams lose 1 point for each offensive rebound they give up.

Re-start with team O again using a halfcourt attack. First team to 10 points wins (repeat with team X on halfcourt offence).
Del Harris - to be a good transition team, the best scrimmage starts with a controlled halfcourt situation then two fullcourt possessions (also do 5 possessions). You can give a point for a score and a point for a stop, the winner of each set can start the next set, or keep track of sets won by each team. Be inventive with halfcourt situations, e.g. 10 seconds to score, use a particular set, a quick-hit inbounds play, or against zone defence.

See Transition - Walberg Oregon State, Scrimmages - Pistons (3 trips), 5 on 5 halfcourt to 7.

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