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Jay Wright

3 players, 2 balls.

1 shoots and follows to rebound with a jump stop, 2 passes to 3 and sprints to the perimeter, knees bent and hands up ready to receive a pass (set up quick to shoot, shoot slow). Call the passer's name.

1 pivots and steps into a pass to 2, runs to the perimeter. 3 shoots, rebounds, will pass to 1, and locate to the perimeter.

1 always passes to 2 who always passes to 3 who always passes to 1.

Emphasize proper spacing, if a player is too close to another player, he spaces away, or the passer dribbles. Stick with good habits.

Bigs can throw bounce passes to each other and work on shots in the lane.

See Gooroo video - Olympic shooting (Tara VanDerveer).


- 3-point shots
- how many baskets in 30 (or 45) seconds
- each player takes one free throw at the end
- first player to score 11 baskets
- one-dribble pull-ups
- sweep, jab step, or shot fake
- v-cut to get the ball
- 4 players with 3 balls.

Vance Walberg - be at the NBA 3, call for the ball, step into the shot (left-right for a right-hander), don't pass to a player moving away from the basket (no negative passes), go 2-3 minutes.

Jamie Dixon - use four baskets, start with 15-foot shots, first team to make 20 then switch baskets, progress to shot-fake one-dribble pull-ups, catch outside the arc.

Lawrence Frank - 25 makes in 2 minutes, each basket competing against one another.

Ray Lokar - 30-120 seconds each, a) basic shots, b) shot-fake pull-ups (1 or 2 dribbles), c) layups (2 dribbles max).
See Shooting - Alternates.

University of Maryland Women
American Basketball Quarterly, 2004Q3

The three players alternate shooting from the right corner and right wing for 1 minute, then elbow to elbow, then corner and wing on the left side.

Note that each ball stays in one spot, only the players alternate. Optionally 2 has a ball to start and 1 is behind 3, who will shoot, rebound, pass back to 1, then relocate to the corner.

Progression - repeat coming back using one-dribble pull-ups, 6 minutes in total.

Ian MacKinnon - start elbow to elbow, first player to make 10 elbow shots, 10 one-dribble pull-ups, and 10 3's (you move to the next shot when you make 10).

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