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King of the hill


Use all available baskets, ranked from top to bottom, players shoot for one minute from the same area (e.g. elbows, corners), at each basket high score moves up one basket (except at the top basket), low score moves down one (except at the last basket), repeat at least 6 times so every player has a chance to be king of the hill at the end.

Ian MacKinnon - losers stay and winners rotate except at the top basket, where the loser rotates to the bottom basket.

Hoop Tactics - players are paired up at each basket, each player has a ball and shoots from a designated spot (e.g., an elbow), play to X baskets, the winner moves up a basket, the loser moves down a basket, the goal is to get to and stay at the championship basket. With an odd number of players, the loser at the bottom basket steps off. Variation - putback any misses.


- players pair up with one ball, alternate shots
- more than one pair at each basket, each pair is a team.

Mike MacKay - foul-shot bump - teams, each team has 1-2 balls, the goal is to go clockwise around the court back to where you started, each team can bump the team on its right by scoring 4 baskets before they do, and trading places, with continuous action (a team that is bumped also re-sets to 0, or optionally keeps its score).

See 1 on 1 - Kings Court, Free throws - Lokar rotate baskets.

(Variation - with only two baskets, have two or more groups at each basket, one group is the top group, players rotate one group each time)

See Shooting - Pressure.

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