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2 miss and out

That's a Foul, Sept. 2004

In pairs, shooters and rebounders. Take game-like shots, switch with the rebounder on two consecutive misses.

(Variation - 3 or more consecutive misses)

See Shooting -
Eastman 3 and done, Villanova 20.

FIBA coaching library - spot-up 3-point - the shooter takes 3-point shots moving around the arc, players don't switch until the rebounder catches the ball with two hands, both feet on the floor, and before the ball hits.
Don Meyer - make 10 shots without missing 2 in a row.
Al Sokaitis - with a partner, shoot until you miss two in a row, the winner is the player with the ball when time is up.
Klay Thompson shooting (coachbase.com) - make as many 3ís as possible before missing 2 in a row.

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