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5star pairs spot

Scott Adubato

3 under the basket passes to 2 in the corner and follows his pass. 2 shoots and follows to rebound, he can't let it bounce more than once, and has to make a layup after a miss.

The shooter gets low, square to the basket, shows a target hand, catches with a 1-2 step into the pass (left-right for a right-hander, left pivot foot), right elbow in, eyes on the rim, raises, extends and follows through. For a quick, snap release, have the feet set, be low, don't bring the ball down.
(If players are bringing the ball down, optionally have a coach put his hand under the ball after the catch)

Repeat with 2 passing to 3 from under the basket. Make two combined shots from the corner, wing, top, other wing, and other corner.


- the passer flies at the shooter trying to block the shot
- the shooter makes a shot-fake, one-dribble pull-up right (direct drive)
- the shooter makes a jab-crossover step, one-dribble pull-up going left.


- each player must make a shot from each spot
- come back from the far corner, make it competitive
- with more players, the shooter goes to the end of the line.
Mads Olesen - use 2 balls with 3 players, see Shooting - 5star close-outs (pressure shooting), also Close-out.
(Other variations)
- no putbacks on misses
- from each spot, shoot 15-footers, one-dribble pull-ups right then left, then 3's.
Billy Donovan - move to the next spot when one player makes 5, see Shooting - Billy Donovan partner (shoot and follow).
Augie Johnston - around the world make 2 - shoot and follow, first player to make 2 shots from all 5 spots, move to the next spot when you make 2, it's like a race around the world. See YouTube video - 3 shooting drills.
Breakthrough Basketball - 5 partner shooting drills (YouTube) - alternate shooters (follow your shot),
- shoot from one spot
- move to a new spot
- soft closeout - catch and shoot
- hard closeout - attack the basket
- mix up soft and hard closeouts.
Collin Castellaw - Partner shooting for attacking closeouts - on the closeout,
- shoot
- shot fake, one-dribble pull-up
- jab (at the top foot), shoot.
Nate Oats - 2-minute NBA shooting - 2 minutes, 5 combined makes (4 players) from 5 spots (wing-corner both sides, top), adding a close-out.
Taylor Allan - 5 x 20 shooting - from each spot, shoot two each 15-foot spot-up jumpers, spot-up 3's, 15-foot one-dribble pull-up jumpers (one each way), one-dribble pull-up 3's, one-step 15-foot jumpers (spin a pass, 1-2 crossover step each way), one-step 3's, 15-foot drop-turn jumpers (face sideways, drop the ball, jump 90 degrees, catch and shoot, one shot each way), drop-turn 3's, spot up 3's, then NBA 3's (hop or step 1-2 into spot-up shots).

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