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5star close-outs

Tony Bergeron

1 passes to 2 and follows to play dummy defence. The shooting series is

- jab with the right foot (for a right-hander) between the defender's feet to knock him back, step back and shoot
- shot fake, rip middle right by the defender, one-dribble pull-up
- jab step, shot fake, rip middle to the rim
- jab step, shot fake, rip baseline to the rim.
(Option - run on both sides)
Xavier - Run-outs - 2-4 players have two balls under the basket, the first in line passes to the shooter, sprints out and past the shooter with his hands up, the shooter has a hand in his face (the passer is the next shooter).
Mads Olesen - pressure shooting - Olympic shooting but with pressure on the shooter, 3 players with 2 balls, the passer follows the ball and jumps at the shooter, no blocks allowed, shooters get their own rebound, the passer is next shooter, first player to 10 makes, the other two do 10 rims jumps, change spots after someone wins.

Basketball WA - block-it shooting - 1 must make a flat chest pass straight to 2 from the other side of the basket, and can't move until the ball leaves his hands.

Progression - fullcourt 1-on-1, both players rebound, on a miss (option - or a make) play to stop or score at the far basket (Mads Olesen).

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