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Beat the closeout

Shane Froling
Australian Basketballstar Drills & Skills

a) Layups

4 passes to 1 and closes out, 1 catches the ball in stance, shot fakes and beats the closeout to the basket.

1 rebounds, 4 replaces 1.

2 goes next off a pass from 5.
Drew Hanlen - paint game - 1 gets a point for getting both feet in the paint with 1-2 dribbles, otherwise 4 gets a point (only one ball, 1 passes to 2, 5 closes out).
- shot fake, one-dribble pull-up
- jab step
- start with close-outs and no shots.

b) Shots

4 passes to 1 and closes out, 1 shoots.

See Shooting - Close-out lines, 5star close-outs.
(Progression - live, one-dribble limit)
See 1 on 1 - Close-out game, Machine gun close-out, Dave Smart first step, Multiple.
Doc Scheppler - Why the hop is the secret (bballbreakdown YouTube)
- feet in the air on a catch (small hop), quick dip of the ball
- machine-gun drill - chop the feet (hot feet), hop, catch and shoot
- shooting on the move - quick turn on the hop, square in the air
- shooters plan to catch and shoot, read and react to blow by
- decide in the air doing the hop
- attack the closeout - if the defender is running out, react with your feet, split and sprint, catch and land with split feet, the pushing foot is back, crossover drive.
Coach Nick - Split and go (YouTube) - triple threat is dead, you want to attack on the catch, catch to shoot (use the hop) or split to go. To learn it, coach can call "hop" or "split" on a pass, or have guys close out.
Thomas Soltau - The drop (attack move) (YouTube) - a variation of the jump stop, land in a wide stance, pull the ball towards your back leg into a protected position. On a closeout towards the ball, rip under (if smaller) or swing over (if taller) and attack the opposite way; on a closeout not towards the ball, take that side and attack. Shoot if there is a slow or no closeout.
A drop (split) is also used to attack off the dribble, see YouTube videos - How to drop, Learning the drop, Learn the drop thru, Bradley Beal hip swivel, The hip swivel.
Breakthrough Basketball (YouTube) - 5 partner shooting drills
- soft closeout - catch and shoot
- hard closeout - attack the basket
- mix up soft and hard closeouts.
See Shooting - 5star pairs spot.

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