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1 on 1
Close-out game

Angie McLeod

Two lines of defenders with an attacker on each wing at the 3-point line, the first defender passes and closes out, the attacker can shoot from behind the arc (3 points) or take one dribble and shoot outside the paint (2 points) or inside the paint (1 point), the attacker stays with an offensive rebound (one shot only), rotate defender to attacker with a defensive rebound, the player going off goes to the opposite line, first player to 11 points.


- the defender rolls the ball
- get the ball if you are fouled
- allow a two-dribble secondary move
- the attackers stays on a made basket
- the attacker always goes off
- one point for an offensive rebound.

See 1 on 1 - Tom Cream 3-minute 1 on 1, Dave Smart first step.

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