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1 on 1
Dave Smart first step

Dave Smart
Attacker 1 can take a no-dribble shot or a one-dribble layup, score two points for a made 3-point shot, one point for a 3-point shot off the rim, and one point for a layup. Make it, take it.

Progression - 1 can make a layup off a secondary move using two dribbles.
There should not be pull-up shots in 1-on-1 since that's a help situation.


- shot fake to draw the defender in then attack the basket, or shoot if he stays back
- swim and foul the defender.
(Variation - 3 or more players, a new defender comes on each time)
Mads Olesen - the attacker has one dribble, 1 point for a missed 3-pointer, 2 points for a made 3-pointer, 3 points for a layup. Progression - two dribbles allowed, but no point for hitting the rim, go secondary only if cut off.
See 1 on 1 - Multiple, Defending - 1 on 1 wing.

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