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1 on 1 wing

Ian MacKinnon

Forcing left, live 1-on-1 using all baskets (and both wings as needed), check the ball in shooting range, the attacker gets one point for an initial shot off the rim (forcing the defender to pressure the ball), one point for getting into the paint with their strong hand (shown for 2), and two points for a made basket.

Against a right-handed attacker, the defender forces left, mirrors the ball with his left hand prior to the dribble, moving in as the ball moves up into shooting position, and gapping (popping off) when the ball is brought down. Players take turns practicing this, then the attacker dribbles to the left and the defender takes two slide steps, then go live.

Frankston Blues - pack-line defence, the defender can't get beat baseline, and must level off the ball going middle to the top of the key, don't let the ball be driven below the elbow. Trace the ball with one hand before the attacker puts it on the floor, the attacker has three dribbles, play to a stop or score.
Brad Jacobson - Live from the wing - the defender hands the ball to the attacker, who has three dribbles. Defend three players before rotating out, head up on the ball, square stance, trace the ball with one hand, don't get beat baseline, level off going middle, hands up and chest out on a shot.

Jim Boylen - ball-up ball-down drill - a good warm-up, an attacker has a ball in the middle section of his body with defender in stance, ball goes up, the defender steps forward (front then back foot), ball does down in a driving position, step backward (back then front foot).

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