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Close-out and slide


That's a Foul, Sept. 2005

1 passes to 2, closes out, traces the ball for five seconds, then uses a defensive slide back to his starting position. Go three trips then switch.
- 1 diagonal slides back to his starting position, alternate right then left, left then right
- 2 passes to 1, closes out, slides back (players alternate close-outs).
Canada Basketball - 1 passes to 2, takes two diagonal retreat slides right, hip turns, two slides left, hip turns, two slides right, cuts towards 2 showing his hands for a pass. 2 works on Maravich-type ballhandling [include pass fakes and pivoting]. There are no closeouts. (Variation - pass and backpedal)
See Defending - Close-out and reach step.
Tara VanDerveer - partner close-out - 1 rolls the ball to 2, closes out, 2 takes two dribbles right or left, 1 slides, both players back up, 2 rolls the ball to 1. Also do partner passing and partner box-out (see Rebounding - Defensive rebounding shell).
Tasman Coaches Clinic 2007 - 1 v 1 Split the body - the defender has a foot on each side of the ballhandler's free foot (the non-pivot foot), the attacker pivots, the defender maintains a position that splits the free foot (keeps it in the middle of his body). Progressions
- the defender can reach in with two hands to grab the ball
- the ballhandler takes two dribbles after pivoting, the defender keeps his nose on the ball.

Mike Fratello - Five-second drill - 1 passes to 2, who takes two hard dribbles, 1 steps and slides to guard the two dribbles, 2 picks up the ball and raises it overhead, 1 raises his hands with wrists crossed to jam and mirror the ball and prevent a pass. 2 dribbles back and forth then exchanges with 1.

See Defending - Villanova stance, 1 on 1 wing, Nash wave, Footwork - 5star pairs jab vs close-out.

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