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Villanova stance

Jay Wright

To start, defenders are facing coach with feet square (not forcing in any direction), wide base, butt down, head up, back straight. Weight should be back (not shoulders over knees) because you have to move backward defensively. The right hand is out in front for spacing arm's-length from the ball (hand on the ball), defenders jump back if coach jab steps (give him space).

Defenders also keep their head on the ball, move their feet if coach rips the ball from one side to the other (the ball is what will go by you, it's what you have to protect), also change hands in the middle of the floor.

If coach brings the ball overhead, pressure the passer with head and both hands on the ball, slide to keep head on the ball if coach takes it to the side. If he brings the ball down, jump back to give him space.

Coach takes two dribbles to his right. Defenders will step-slide (long step, short step) twice to keep head on the ball, stay wide to keep their head lower than coach's shoulders. If coach picks up the dribble it's "dead", with head on the ball and hands up. Repeat with coach dribbling left.

If you get beat on the dribble, turn and run low, get your head back on the ball then step-slide. Step first with the lead foot to stay low, if you step first with the trail foot the head comes up. If you get beat in the halfcourt, slide, run, then chest the attacker with hands up, ride him, forcing a tough shot.

Replicate each situation with coach dribbling.

Progression - hand-on-the-ball drill - 1 on 1 with six players at each basket, coach is at halfcourt,

- attackers jab step
- coach calls "passer", attackers put their ball overhead
- coach calls "driver", attackers take two dribbles right (shown)
- repeat with two dribbles to the left.

Progressions on "drive"
- attackers take 3-4 dribbles right, defenders slide, run and slide (get back in stance)
- attackers take 2-3 dribbles and go off one foot like a shot, defenders can't get back in front, chest with hands up.

See Defending - 1 on 1 wing, Close-out and slide.

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