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5star pairs jab vs close-out

Tony Bergeron

1 chest passes to 2 and closes out. 2 catches in triple threat, shot fakes after the close-out, rips thru right (direct drive for a right-hander), dribbles to replace 1.

Repeat with 2 passing to 1 and closing out.


- shot fake, rip thru left (crossover step)
- shot fake, jab step, rip thru.

In the jab series, shot fake first to get a defender out of stance, rip thru left or right. If he stays in stance, jab directly at him, back him up to get off a shot, or if he overplays with one foot too high, attack the lead foot.
Bill Pangos - Corkscrew - players are about 15 feet apart, pass to partner and follow the pass, partner drives, stops using a technique specified by coach, pivots and passes. Variation - the dribbler makes a crossover dribble as they are moving towards each other.
See Footwork - Dave Smart first step, Pivot and pass.

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