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Pivot and pass

The first player in each line takes 2-3 dribbles and jump stops.

Variation - stride stop.

See YouTube video - 7 progressions for footwork and passing.

Pivot, step into a pass to the next player in line, follow the pass to the back of the line, the next player catches in triple threat, dribbles out, continue.

Variation - start without a ball, run out, jump stop, pivot, run back, see Footwork - Bigelow pivoting.


- forward pivot on the permanent pivot foot (sweep and check)
- reverse pivot, permanent pivot foot
- forward and reverse pivot, other foot
- reverse pivot on the foot opposite the dribbling hand to seal your defender
- forward pivot on the foot on the same side as the dribbling hand to separate from your defender
- chest, bounce, push pass (each hand)
- weak-hand dribble
- pass and close out, and work in pairs (breakthroughbasketball.com)
- attack the close-out with a triple-threat move

- dribble out (use both hands), jump stop, front pivot (use both feet, ball off either hip or shoulder, not in front of the torso, keep the hips level, don't raise up), push pass, the baseline player jump stops to catch (ball in the air, feet in the air)
- reverse pivot
- crossover or same-side drive, use both feet as the pivot foot
- the passer closes out on the baseline player with both feet together and one arm straight out, the baseline player drives shoulder to hip under the elbow (take a long step).

Kevin Boyle
- dribble with the right hand, jump stop, front pivot on the ball of the left foot, chest pass
- reverse pivot on the left foot (against strong defence), step and pass
- step over and sweep - jump stop, ball on right hip then to right shoulder, step over with the right foot (crossover) and rip the ball overhead to the left, sweep right, reverse pivot and pass.

Jody Runge (WBCA) - make a live-ball move (without traveling), dribble to the foul line, jump stop, pivot, right-hand flick air pass to the next player, who catches with a jump stop, the passer makes a change of direction and goes to the back of the line (V-cut, L-cut, reverse spin). Variations - weak-hand or overhead pass. Step into and step to meet every pass.

See Footwork - 5star pairs jab vs close-out, Dave Smart first step.

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