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Close-out and reach step

via Mike Neighbors

Each coach has a ball, players sprint out and break down, trace the ball until a coach blows a whistle, all four players reach step right (twice) and left (twice), then the next group goes. Each player needs to talk through this ("ball, ball", "reach, reach", etc.). Switch directions.

Defensive slides are quick, reach steps are big (cover ground).
Foran & Pound (FIBA Assist 30) - four-way closeout - sprint up the left lane line, stop quickly in a defensive stance at the elbow, take two shuffles left then right on 45-degree angles, backpedal to the start, repeat on the right side of the lane.

See Defending - Close-out and slide, Popping, Push-point slides, Nash triangle slides, Calipari box close-outs.

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