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Vic Pruden

To execute a quick and long defensive first step. From a staggered defensive stance, jump explosively backwards, with both feet moving simultaneously in a gliding action just above the floor, maintaining the defensive stance, then immediately pop forward. Do 10 reps, then switch the forward foot and repeat. Do lateral popping as well.

Proper defensive stance (coachesclipboard.ca)
- toes pointing straight ahead or slightly in
- weight on the ball of the big toe, down and out pressure
- feet wider than shoulder width apart, knees 4-6 inches inside the feet
- knees over toes, shoulder over knees
- hips behind the heels, as if touching butt to a stool
- back is flat not straight up and down (keep weight on toes not heels).
Andy Sparks - coach points left or right, from a square stance players make a 1-metre lateral push in that direction. Progression - coach points away to one corner or the other (45 degrees), players open up, take a crossover step, and get back into a square stance.

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