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Nash triangle slides

Steve Nash

Play on-ball defence in a boxer stance - an athletic stance, feet shoulder width apart, knees bent, butt down, back straight, arms out, ready to move. You never want to cross your feet, you can't change direction.

Run up to the elbow, get in a stance (jump stop), slide to the corner then slide to the back of the line. Continue, then switch sides.

(Option - close out at the elbow, squeaky feet, hands up on arrival, hands out on penetration)
See Footwork - Triangle.


a) close out on coaches

b) each coach has a ball, mirror any ball movement, pop on a foot fake, slide on a dribble

c) coaches pass a ball back and forth, close out on each pass (shown)
d) diagonal slides to the sideline and back to the start
e) lateral slide to the sideline, backpedal to the baseline, slide back to the start.
Brett Brown - coach with a ball on each wing, players come out, hands above ball, slap it, take three hard slides to the baseline, go for up to 1 minute (e.g. losers of a drill).

See Defending - Philly closeouts, Continuous closeouts, Two-man closeouts, Calipari box closeouts, Close-out and reach step, Lane slides, also Jr. NBA - Defence (close-out, slide, backpedal).up

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