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Continuous closeouts

Ian MacKinnon

3 has the ball, 1 is defending weakside 2, if 3 holds the ball over his head, 1 calls "up" and moves weakside, if 3 brings the ball down, 1 moves ballside and calls "sight".

On a skip pass, 1 closes out, forcing left, using a "hockey-stick" close-out to take away right.

Option - defenders pitter-patter in the lane.

2 skip passes to 3, 4 closes out, 2 leaves the floor and is replaced by 1.


- pop off when the attacker brings the ball down or jab steps
- left hand over the ball (palm down) when the ball is down, follow the shooting track, close the gap as the ball rises to the shooting shelf
- the attacker takes two dribbles left, skip passes
- live 1 on 1, make-it take-it against a new defender.

See Defending - Philly closeouts,
Hollins skip passes, 1 on 1 - Machine-gun close-outs.

Variation - dual skip passes.

1 and 3 make skip passes, 5 and 6 close out, 7 and 8 come on as the next defenders (on skip passes back to 1 and 3).

That's a Foul (August 2004)

1 passes to 2 and closes out, 2 takes one dribble then passes to 3 and 4 closes out. Rotate defenders to attackers, so 3 will next pass to 1.

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