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Boone 1 on 1

Jim Boone
Basketball Immersion

a) Army

X1 hands the ball to 1, 3 dribbles max, new attacker each time, score to go on defence, play to 3 stops in a row, losers run.

See Defending - 1 on 1 wing, Woodley 3 on 3.

b) Closeout

X1 passes to 1 and closes out, 1 can't do anything until X1 gets there, 0 or 1 dribbles, defence stays on a score. Do it with four players.

Contesting a shot, leave the floor when he does, jump, hand straight up (Boone shows right hand). They close out every day, twice a day on game day.

Close out very short on a driver (take away the drive), get in a shooter's grill (make him put if on the floor). Pre-game scouting determines match-ups and when to switch or not. You can't switch and do those closeouts.

See Defending - Close-out lines, 1 on 1 - Continuous.

c) 2 on 1 closeout

X3 is in a gap position, ballside foot slightly ahead (closed stance), closes out on a pass to 3 with high hands, his first step is baseline (a straight closeout provides a baseline drive).

Defending on the wing, X3`s baseline foot is outside 3`s baseline foot, square stance. Don't force baseline or middle, but don't get beat baseline.

On a 3-1 pass, X3 jumps (sprints) back and to the ball.

Repeat a 1-3 and 3-1 pass.

It's live when 1 drives and kicks to 3 (or just passes), two dribbles (or 0-1-3).

X3 helps with his near arm and leg, if he turns and helps by exposing himself to the ball he is going blind, 3 can backcut.

See 1 on 1 - Coach as passer, Defending - 3 on 1, Pasquali closeouts, Vegas closeouts.

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