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Woodley 3 on 3

Matt Woodley

a) Freeze

Coach has a ball, three attackers do whatever they want except screening, coach can dribble around, pass to attackers and get it back, and yell "freeze" to check defenders, who should stay inside the pack line, closer to the ball than to their man.

Jim Boone - 2 on 2 Vegas - two attackers make basketball cuts for 10-12 seconds, then coach can make a pass, explode out of the pack and close out. The one time you can lose sight of the ball is on a backcut, snap your head, deny any catch in the pack.

b) Closeouts

Defenders hold hands in front of the rim, coach passes from under the basket, it's live, 2 dribbles. New offence comes in from halfcourt (on each possession).

Switch all ballscreens and dribble hand-offs except in 5 on 5 drills.

Try to get 3 stops in a row for a "kill". They have to be perfect possessions, e.g. switch a ballscreen.

Option - put an undefended coach in the low post.

Progression - switch closeouts - defenders can't guard the player in front of them (e.g. X1 can't guard 1).

Jim Boone - 3 on 3 - attackers are behind the NBA 3, defenders start with hot feet, coach passes to an attacker from the basket, defenders can't close out to the guy in front of them, progressions
- attackers make one pass, coach calls "change", attackers stay, new defence
- after one pass it's live, attackers can score only by driving for a layup
- if you get in the paint with the ball, you can kick it for a shot.

Seth Weakley (FIBA YouTube) - 3 on 3 shell - subs come in on offence (from the baseline), 3 stops in a row to win, must be first-shot stops, i.e. no offensive rebounds (defence is out on a score or offensive rebound).
goxavier.com - 3 on 3 defensive cut-throat - defence wins on 3 shut-outs in a row, offence switches to defence on a score.

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