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Dick Bennett 3 on 3 close-out

Dick Bennett

Three defenders in the lane close out into on-ball and off-ball positions when coach passes to an attacker. Attackers can shoot a rhythm shot, drive or pass, and rebound, but cannot exchange or cut. Defenders must box out on a shot - guards check (go to their man) and find the ball (inside players would find their man and stay with him). Defenders stay until they get it right, e.g., no foul or offensive rebound. Can be used as an "ender" to finish practice (3 on 3 block-out).
- attackers can space around the perimeter on dribble penetration
- no contested shots (4 on 3)
- drive for layups only, no mid-range pull-ups (3 on 3 kickout, 3s or wide-open layups)
- shell drill to start, then live (Husky closeouts, Huggins 5 on 5).
Also see Defending - Izzo close-outs, Jack Bennett 3 on 3 close-out, Greenvale four-quadrant, Woodley 3 on 3, Rebounding - 4 on 4 closeout, Shooting - Advantage.
Frankston Blues - 4 on 4, add a low post attacker (no restrictions) with defender.
Jerry Petitgoue - 3 on 3 live - defenders start from the basket, coach passes to any attacker from the baseline, it's live (no restrictions), defenders run a lap if attackers score.
Chris Mack - 3 on 3 identity - coach passes from under the basket, offence has 20 seconds to score, no ballscreens, 3-dribble max per touch, regular scoring (2s and 3s), +2 for an offensive rebound, +2 if the ball goes inside the post box, -1 for a turnover, -1 for a foul. Variation - 3-out 1-in -  add a post player and defender.
Mike Heideman - coach passes to any attacker from the baseline, no cutting allowed only drives and shots, progressions - a) attackers can backcut, b) attackers can do whatever they want.
Marcello Signorelli 3 on 3, layups only, no screens, no switching (it becomes 1-on-1 involving 6 players).

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