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3 on 3 kick-out

Ian MacKinnon

3 teams (or more), 3 on 3 halfcourt, score by driving for a layup or take a 3-point shot at any time (e.g., off a kick-out). Attackers can rebound and putback an offensive rebound. and can space on penetration, but all catches are outside the 3-point line. Make-it take-it, new defenders always come in from the baseline.

- coach passes to the offence to start each possession
- one point for driving into the paint with the strong hand
- 4-team round-robin using both baskets.


- 4 on 4
- 5 on 5 (4-out 1-in), allow drive and dish to the post (option - or post-entry passes).

Andy Sparks - coach gets the ball each time, with defenders in correct positions (deny one pass away), then passes to an attacker. Progression - no passes inside the 3-point line, then allow passes to cutters on basket and backdoor cuts.

Mike MacKay - all catches are outside the 3-point line, no other restrictions (see Transition - 2 on 1 to 3 on 2).

(Other variations)

- layups must be uncontested (3s or wide-open layups)
- layups only (Jim Boone -
Woodley 3 on 3)
- layup or drive and kick (Defending - 3 on 3 kick-out)
- allow pull-up shots (Dick Bennett 3 on 3 closeout, 4 on 3)
- 3 on 2 (
String 3s)

Brian McCormick - 3 on 3 wildcat - no shot restrictions, but all catches must be outside the 3-point line or on a direct cut to the basket, see Shooting - String 3s.

Also see Defending - Greenvale 4-quadrant, 4 on 4 paint touches, Scrimmage - No-man's land.

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