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4 on 3


Two teams play 4 on 3. Make-it, take-it, but a contested shot is automatic loss of possession. The attacking team must occupy guard and wing positions, they can drive, pass, or shoot, no basket cuts allowed but they can slide along the perimeter on penetration. One attacking guard cannot rebound. Hit the open player, penetrate, and crash the boards. On defence, pressure the ball at all times, contest every shot.

Variation - switch from defence to attack after 3 stops (total, or consecutive).

Quin Snyder - 4 on 3 contest - live on a pass from coach, no restrictions, progressions - no dribbles, maximum 5 passes before shooting.
Don Kelbick - everyday we start with 4 on 3, 4 on 4, then 5 on 4 before 5 on 5 scrimmage.
Lisa Thomaidis - 4 on 3 (4-out, or 3-out 1-in), no restrictions except attackers must use fakes and try get a wide-open shot (pet peeve Ė donít use fakes enough).
Mads Olesen - attackers can't dribble or move, maximum three passes, find the open player. Rotate defenders to offence by who has been in the longest, a shooter goes on defence if he misses a shot, a passer goes on defence if a defender touches the ball, or the offence makes more than three passes.
Kirby Schepp - 5 on 4 - offence can't move, the only shot is an open 3, use a 12-second shot clock (or 10 seconds), skip passes make it tougher on the defence. One defender has two attackers on his side and plays in the passing lane to one but close enough to get to the other. Use a 24-second shot clock with a shell drill, it's live at 8 seconds, learn to be shot-clock players without counting down from the bench.
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