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Illinois 4 on 3


4 on 3. Attackers are limited to three passes before shooting, no dribbling, all four rebound. Defenders must have someone on the ball and move to proper defensive positions, must get the rebound to go on offence. If the offence gets three rebounds in a row, defenders run a sprint.


- defenders must get 2 rebounds in a row
- attackers can penetrate but must go back to the same spot.

Tony Barone - 4 on 3 rebounding - attackers can pass or shoot but not dribble, defenders must contest every shot. Finish the play, whoever rebounds puts it in (offence or defence). Any time you get the ball in the paint and can put it back up without dribbling, do that, you will probably get fouled.

Bob Hurley - the best block-out drill ever. Defenders start in the paint, coach passes to a corner, defenders must cover the three most dangerous attackers (leave open the opposite corner), the ball is swung around the perimeter, at any time coach can blow the whistle, the ballhandler shoots, defenders must box out all attackers except the shooter. Variation - add another defender under the rim who sprints to block out the shooter on the release of the shot.
goxavier.com - offence can't move, maximum 3 passes, defence has to close out and cover one pass away, crash boards after a shot, defence runs on 3 makes in a row. Progression - add dribble penetration.

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