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Tom Crean 4 on 3

Tom Crean

4 on 3, work on drive and kick, put the fourth attacker wherever you want (here 5 is on the block). Coach passes to 1 who drives and kicks to 4, who passes to 3 in the corner and goes through (finish your cuts), then it's live, play to a stop (one point for the defence) or score (one point for the offence), re-set, first team to 3 points wins, rotate players. Defenders can't zone up - guard the ball and the basket, leave open the attacker furthest from the ball, be able to rotate.

In a game, 4 would go away if X2 turns his back and commits to the ball on 1's drive, or rotate across the top for a handoff if X2 comes up with his back to the basket.
- all catches outside the 3-point line
- 3-point shots only.

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