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Chris Oliver

Shooting in advantage situations against defence to develop game-like shots and decisions. They want players to make a decision on a catch to shoot, pass or drive. Catch it ready to shoot.

a) 2 on 1

Two balls. 3 passes to 1 or 2 then plays defence, 1 and 2 can shoot or pass.

Here 3 passes to 2 and closes out, 2 passes to 1 for a shot.

Shooter 1 rebounds and goes off, 3 replaces 1.

4 passes next, here he denies 3, 2 makes the read and shoots.

Vary the player positions on the floor.


- the first receiver must dribble penetrate to shoot or pass (with no scoring inside or below the blocks, i.e. no layups, floaters are OK),

- the first receiver must penetrate and pass, followed by another penetration then live,

- can allow offensive rebounding or second cuts (a cut on dribble penetration).

(Variation - allow drives for layups)

Basketball New South Wales - then 2 on 1 live, no dribble.

b) 3 on 2 (shown), 4 on 3

One ball, defence passes to any perimeter attacker, closes out and rotates to steal, disrupt or challenge a shot. Any attacker can shoot. Also,
- no cutters
- play offensive rebounds, the rebounder can score or pass out to the 3-point line
- a player gets a point any time they are on the court with an offence that scores
- players sub on their own.

Options - allow only shots or dribble penetration too, with no scoring inside or below the blocks. (The video is almost all pass or shoot, with a couple of drive-and-kicks but no drive-and-shoot.)


- no dribbling (pass or shoot, no cutting), see Defending - Pistons 4 on 3, Rebounding - Illinois 4 on 3
- allow drive and kick-out, see Shooting - String 3s (3 on 2)
- allow drives for layups, see Scrimmage - 4 on 3, Defending - Dick Bennett 3 on 3 close-out.

c) 4 on 3 with constraints

Two teams, one ball, keep score, defence must make a stop to get out. Add the constraint there must be dribble penetration prior to a shot, i.e. the first or second catch has to penetrate. (In the video, there is drive and kick, and some drives for layups.)

Other constraints to add:

- penetration on the first catch
- no dribbling
- allow cutters
- no offensive rebounding
- extra pass prior to a shot.

The offence works on their reactions to dribble penetration - push (two passes away) or pull (one pass away, fill behind).up

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