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Greenvale four quadrant

Lloyd Mitchell
Greenvale Grizzlies

4 on 4 with an attacker in each quadrant.


1. Attackers slowly pass the ball around the perimeter while coach checks defensive positions. Defenders can deny but not intercept passes, and jump to the ball when their man makes a pass.

2. Attackers can position themselves in their quadrants to shoot when they get a pass. Defenders still can't intercept passes, must close-out to contest shots, and block out. Attackers can rebound then get the ball back outside and regain floor balance with an attacker in each quadrant.

See Defending - Pistons 4 on 3, Rebounding - Illinois 4 on 3.

3. Attackers may pass, shoot, or drive to the basket then return to their area.

See Defending - Dick Bennett 3 on 3 close-out, Scrimmage - 4 on 3,
3s or wide-open layups  Attack/defend - 3 on 3 kickout.

4. Cutting is an added option, defenders are actively denying passes, attackers can cut to another area looking for a pass but then regain floor balance (e.g. return to their own area).

See Scrimmage - 4 on 4 cutters.

5. Attackers can screen on or off the ball as well as shoot, drive and cut, but must balance up with an attacker in each area (passing game or motion offence).
See Defending - 4 on 4 shell.
A 10-week defensive program would include:
- on-ball defence - stance, hands, slide, slide and run, turn, channel, drop step
- closeouts
- jump to the ball
- deny - one pass from the ball
- help defence - flat triangle, help and recover, ball-you-man
- backdoor cut, weakside flash cut
- rebounding
- defensive transition (converting)
- screens - off-ball, on-ball
- post defence
- shell - passing, 1-2 dribbles, basket cut, downscreen.

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