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4 on 4 cutters

Ian MacKinnon

Halfcourt 4 on 4, no dribbling, the attacking team scores one point for a catch on a basket or backdoor cut, a made basket, or an offensive rebound, and keeps possession with a basket (make-it take-it). Subs are on the baseline.


- no screening
- allow dribbling on a catch and finish at the rim
- attackers can dribble at a teammate who is overplayed for a backdoor or hand-off
- only attackers one pass from the ball can cut to the basket (backdoor, or pass and cut), or also allow cuts by attackers two or more passes from the ball.
- no points for catches on a backdoor or basket cut
- fullcourt 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 (ultimate).
Bobby Knight - number one practice drill is 4 on 4, with no dribble or one dribble, always trying to get to the basket, use restrictions like 8 passes or a post touch before anyone can shoot, this is also a great defensive drill.
Renato Pasquali - 4 on 4 mentality - coach shoots with both teams in the paint, the team that rebounds is on offence, first gets the ball behind the arc, limits of two dribbles and six total passes.
Brian McCormick - 3 on 3 wildcat - no dribbling restrictions but all catches must be outside the 3-point line or on a direct cut to the basket. 

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