Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills


Bill Pangos

Two teams. Score a touchdown worth 6 points by passing to a teammate in the end zone, no dribbling or traveling, convert with a free throw worth 1 point. Dropped passes go to the other team.


- passers must be allowed 2 feet of space
- allow 1 to 3 dribbles
- score by shooting on the baskets.

Winning Hoops - Dead-ball passing - to score, an offensive player must catch a pass with both feet inside the free-throw circle. Start with a jump ball, no dribbling, start a 5-second count as soon as a player gets a pass, inbound the ball on violations and fouls, play to 7 baskets.
Mads Olesen - 3 on 3 football - teams of 3, no dribbling, score by passing the ball into an end zone behind the baseline, if a pass is intercepted or the ball goes out of bounds, the other team tries to score. Defence goes off when a point is scored, a new team comes in on offence (stay on the court until scored against).
Nancy O'Grady - one coach in the paint at each end (or on the baselines), no dribbling, two teams compete to pass to a coach, then go the other way. Play to 5 points, rotate teams.

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