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3 on 3 truth test

Mike Dunlap

3-on-3 fullcourt, no dribbling, start play with an inbounds pass, play to 2 baskets, winners play winners (use two courts). The best game to assess players.

Other rules

- defence calls fouls
- attackers win the game with two defensive fouls in one possession
- defenders win if they take a charge
- no inbounds passes over halfcourt
- all attackers have to be in their frontcourt to score (no cherry picking)
- defence picks up the ball 3/4 court or loses a point (and the game if it happens twice)
- option to allow dribbling after a steal
- option to allow 1, 2 or 3 dribbles
- the team that wins on the winners court calls over the team that is leading on the losers court (if tied, next point wins)
- losers on the winners court play on the losers court
- any new teams come in on the losers court.

Ray Lokar - Fullcourt flat ball - 3 on 3 fullcourt, no dribbling, you can allow one dribble in the key when a player is trying to score. Advanced players can use a heavy or medicine ball. His all-time favourite drill.
John Belein - ultimate basketball is a great drill, fullcourt, no dribbling, don't inbounds after a score, just go the other way. Progression - allow one dribble.
See Scrimmage - Hurley 11-pass drill, 4 on 4 cutters.

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