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Hurley 11-pass drill

Bob Hurley

5 on 5, four minutes.

a) Halfcourt

No dribbling, start with a sideline out of bounds in the frontcourt, the offence has to make 11 passes (being offensive minded), then they do it again, if the defence steals the ball, they take it out of bounds to make 11 passes.
FIBA Europe - passing game - halfcourt, players cannot dribble or travel, the goal is to complete a certain number of passes in a row, if the defending team steals the ball they try to make the number of passes. Variation - after a team completes the passes it can get an extra point by scoring a basket (still no dribbling).
- re-set the pass count to 0 on a deflection out of bounds
- change possession on a deflection.
See Scrimmage - Ganon Baker keep-away, Passing - Ten in a row.

b) Fullcourt press break

Start with the ball behind the baseline, one dribble limit. If the defence gets a steal, they play (the defence can dribble).
See Scrimmage - 3 on 3 truth test.

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