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Ganon Baker keep-away

Ganon Baker

3 on 3 halfcourt

a) No shots, attackers get one point for each completed pass, can take one dribble to avoid pressure. Defenders get a point for a deflection, play to a stop (or 10).


- attackers must basket cut after passing
- attackers can screen off the ball.

b) Attackers are also allowed to shoot (2 points for a make, 1 point for a pass), limit of two dribbles.

Winning Hoops - no dribbling, first team to 7 points, change possession on a stop (or dribble), score with a made basket or 7 consecutive passes without the ball being touched by a defender, re-start the pass count if the defence deflects the ball out of bounds, encouraging defenders to get into the passing lanes [so if a pass is deflected but completed, don't re-start the count but the pass doesn't count].

Herb Brown

- 4 on 4
- must score a layup, or open jump shot jump
- defend 24, 30 or 45 seconds.

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