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4 on 4 closeout

Chris Oliver

4 on 4 or 5 on 5, defenders touch hands under the rim, coach passes from the perimeter or baseline (shown) to any attacker, who must catch and shoot, the defence can block the shot, it's live on a rebound, then go two trips (up and back), rotate teams.

If team O gets an offensive rebound, play (to a stop or score), then there are still two trips. There should be a get-back guy (safety), the other guys crash the boards and tip it if they can't get two hands on the ball.

Boxing out on the perimeter, t-up, hit the attacker in the chest with a forearm, don't turn your back on him. At the rim, box out (with your butt).

See Rebounding - Thunder.


- coach passes to an attacker who can shoot, drive, or pass, see Defending - Dick Bennett 3 on 3 closeouts
- if team O gets an offensive rebound and scores, give the ball to coach, see Rebounding - Illinois war.

Here team X gets a defensive rebound, play to a stop or score up and back.

Oliver tries to add a fullcourt trip even when doing 4 on 4 rotations.

See Fast break - Tar Heels 5 on 5.

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