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Illinois war


Coach shoots, attackers rebound, defenders box out, no fouls. If the offence rebounds, go 5 on 5, give the ball to coach if they score. On any defensive rebound go 5 on 5 up and back down.


1. defenders are in a line, must communicate who they will block out
2. defenders match up with attackers in proper defensive position
3. rotation - when coach shoots, defenders block out the attacker to their right
4. guards only - all defenders block out but only guards (coach designates them) can rebound, forwards must hold their block-out (teaches guards to "rebound down", if they rebound they should use a break-out dribble and push the ball up the floor).

Tusculum - the attacking point guard sprints back to halfcourt on the shot. All five defenders start in the lane under the basket, on the shot they must escape the paint to meet their man outside the lane, hit him, locate the ball, and go get it (they do not block out their man and stay with him).

goxavier.com - defence starts with both feet in the lane, offence at the arc, coach shoots, offence crashes the boards, defence sprints to block out outside the lane, defence converts (breaks) if they get a defensive rebound (shot by coach or an attacker), then switch the teams. Coach rarely calls fouls, keep score (2's and 3s), offence gets 1 point for each offensive rebound, stays on attack if they score.

Tony Barone - war rebounding - get in a stance on a whistle, another coach passes to the shooter from under the basket, yell "shot", you can't check the man in front of you (rotate left to start). Play to 5 or 10. Make contact, keep him out of the lane on his first move, go get the ball. Against Lebron James, check and face guard, the ball can hit you in the back of the head. Finish every play, whoever rebounds the ball on a miss puts it in, offence or defence.
Lloyd Mitchell (Greenvale) - put three attackers in a rebounding triangle (the nail and both sides of the basket), one attacker behind the arc at 45 degrees on one side, and the last attacker in the opposite slot. Coach shoots from different spots, defenders block out, rebound, outlet, initially go 5 on 0 upcourt and back 5 on 5, then 5 on 5 up and back.
See Fast break - Tar Heels 5 on 5.

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