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Izzo close-outs

Tom Izzo

Defenders start in the lane, X1 rolls a ball out to 1, closes out (patters). X2 and X3 close-out to help (not deny), one step off the line and two steps towards the ball, but will cheat a little bit more if 1 is a penetrator.

Attackers then pass the ball around. A defender two passes away has both feet in the paint (but make adjustments). If there is ball pressure, 2 can't throw a line-drive skip pass.

Progression - the top attacker passes, basket cuts, and is replaced (Negaunee drill). They open to the man, snap the head.
Start a shell drill with lane close-outs, e.g., flarescreen for the passer on a pass across the top, or the passer pins down.

Play 4 on 3 and 5 on 4, a weakside defender has two attackers.
Lloyd Mitchell (Greenvale) - 1-2-3 pass the ball rapidly around the perimeter, later optionally let the attackers take one or two dribbles. Variation - with the ball at the top, a wing can cut through to the other side, the point player dribbles to replace him, the other wing replaces the point.
See Defending - Dick Bennett 3 on 3 close-out, Dick Bennett jump to the ball, Procopio 3 on 3 shrink.

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