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Jack Bennett 3 on 3 close-out

Jack Bennett

3 on 3 with two coaches. The perimeter coach starts with the ball, defenders are in proper off-ball positions. Coach can dribble, pass to attackers, or pass to coach inside, then all defenders dig on the ball with an inside hand, while still seeing their men.

Variation - defenders can steal the pass into the coach inside.

(Other options)

- choke, then dig if coach dribbles,
- defending a shooter, choke but don't dig.

Jerry Petitgoue - against a shooter, take one step toward the post, don't dig.

On a pass back to the perimeter, defenders must sprint into position on the ball and one or two passes from the ball. Attackers pass the ball to each other or to either coach until coach yells "live", then it's 3 on 3 to a stop or score.
Ettore Messina - 4 on 4 shrink and spread - 4 on 4 plus coach in the low post, make a post entry when coach calls for it, the entire defence must shrink and cover down on the post, it's live on a pass back out, the defence must block out and rebound. Progression - when coach passes back out, the receiver passes to a teammate who must penetrate, live from there.

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