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Hurley naked post

Bob Hurley

3 on 3 with an undefended post who plays for the team with the ball, he can get a pass, dribble and pass, but not shoot. Coach huddles with the defence and tells them how to defend on a post-entry pass,

1) Duke - everyone collapses around the post, dig on the ball, maybe get a deflection (can try this early in a game to see how the post reacts).

2) Michigan - double-team with the defender of the worst shooter, the other defenders go halfway down, to contain shooters.

3) LA - double-team big on big if the other team has two posts.

If the opposing point guard doesn't offensive rebound, have your point guard help box out the post. Another tactic is have your best post defender guard a weaker attacker, then zone and help on the good big.
Bobby Knight - 4 on 4 with a post who is pressure release, he can do what he wants, he can screen or look to score, defence must communicate and rotate to stop the post.

See Scrimmage - Huggins 5 on 4.

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