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Huggins 5 on 5 live

Bob Huggins

Attackers pass the ball around, holding it for 1-2 seconds each time. When coach on the baseline puts up a fist, it's live 5 on 5, attackers can drive it, they try to get to the basket with the ball.

Variations to work on motion offence

- use a designated ballscreener, run motion until he gets the ball, he passes and ballscreens (or optionally follows for a handback)
- make 4-6 passes before shooting unless it's a layup, then have 4-5 ballscreen for 1-2-3, or 1-2-3 pass and get a handback.

Ian MacKinnon - shell drill
- live on "go" (don't deny passes until then, when it's live defenders lose a point for failing to deny)
- on "go" try to drive (score or pass)
- live on a specified offensive action, e.g., a drive, drive and kick, off-ball screen, ballscreen, post entry, pass out of the post
- defend cutters for 20 seconds (no dribbling), then it's live with no restrictions, progression - defend motion for 20 seconds (dribbling allowed).

See Scrimmage - Whistle, 4 on 4 Cutters, 4 on 4 shell.

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