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Close-out lines


Three or four lines along the baseline. 1, 2 and 3 pass and close out with proper technique.
Jim Boone - perfect closeouts - three lines, 1 throws the ball to 4 (about 20 feet away), sprints about 2/3 then breaks down, choppy steps, high hands (but bent elbows), hands between shoulders. Progression (jump back, jump up)
- 4 catches it, brings the ball to his waist or below, he's going to put it on the floor or bounce pass, 1 jumps back, head on the ball, in a stance, hands out (not up)
- 4 brings the ball back up, trace it with one hand, down in a stance.
See Defending - Boone 1 on 1.

4-5-6 pass back to the baseline and close out.

Boone - hold the closeouts for 1001 then release and go behind.

1-2-3 will get the next passes, 4-5-6 go to the end of their lines.

Lloyd Mitchell - use close-outs instead of laps or suicides as a penalty in practice, players start on the baseline, sprint to a foul-line close-out, then sprint back to a baseline close-out.

George Karl (Gooroo)

a) Close-out - 1-2-3 each roll out a ball, close out (chop steps, hand up), hound the ball for a few seconds, 4-5-6 roll balls to 7-8-9 and close out.

b) Close-out cut off - progression, the attacker takes one dribble right, the defender slides left to cut it off and traces the ball when the dribble is picked up; continue then cut off a dribble to the left.

c) Pressure passing - 1-2-3 pass to 4-5-6 and become defenders who try to disrupt passes back to the next players in each line, 4-5-6 follow their passes and go to the end of the lines, 7-8-9 pass to 1-2-3, the rotation is pass and defend, pass back, go the end of the line.

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