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Facing lines


2 passes to 1 and follows the pass to go behind 3. 7 passes to 5, goes behind 6.


1 passes to 4 and follows, 5 passes to 7 and follows.
coachesclipboard.ca - Jump stop drill - each receiver takes a small step towards the passer, jumps in the air on the pass, catches, and lands with a jump stop (ball in the air, feet in the air), progression - use a stride (one-two) stop.


- vary the passes
- passers go to the back of their own lines instead of changing lines
- for one or both lines, the passer closes out on the receiver to contest the return pass, the receiver can't dribble, works on ball fakes and pivoting, keeping the ball out of the forbidden zone in front of the torso, and passing tight by the defender above his head, by the ears or off the hips
- use a wrap-around pass, direct or crossover step
- passer can take one strong dribble, pass off the dribble or a stop
- receiver cuts to break the three-in-a-row, passer fakes away
- the lines are further apart, players take 2-3 dribbles then pass
- dribble, pass, backpedal to the back of the same line, or two diagonal slides right (left) then left (right) to the same line, or lateral slides then backpedal
- dribble across, hand-off.

Al Sokaitis - pass, take three slides away and back.

Harbir Bains - the lines are on each sideline, the first receiver runs towards the ball then passes right away (one line catches on the move, the other line is stationary).

Tara VanDerveer - pass and follow - groups of 4 players with one ball, use different passes (chest, bounce, push, wrap-around, baseball).
Steve Nash Youth Basketball - pass and replace
- call names, give a target, move to receive a pass
- run to the right, jump stop and pivot to get back in line
- with pressure - the passer becomes a defender on the passer, who is not allowed to dribble (work on fakes and pivots)
- with pressure and a dribble - the passer can take a strong dribble to beat the defender
- break the three in a row - the receiver cuts to one side, the passer fakes away from the cut.
See Passing - Pangos exchange, Pangos double-line exchange, Defending - Close-out lines, also Footwork - Live-ball moves.

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