Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Live-ball moves

Groups of three or more players with one ball per group. 1 starts in triple-threat, makes a live-ball move, takes one or two dribbles, jump stops, passes to 2, and follows the pass to go behind. 2 catches the ball with both feet in the air, jump stops into triple threat, and repeats coming back with 3. Coach specifies the move, e.g., blast step ("C" with the ball for a right-hander; long, low and strong), jab-go, shot fake-go, crossover ("J" with the ball), jab-crossover.

Progression - 1 follows the pass to be a dummy defender that 2 goes by, arms out in an "airplane" stance.
Mads Olesen - offence goes to defence (1 passes to 2, follows to defend, 2 makes a primary move to jump stop, passes to 3, continue).
To work in pairs, see Footwork - Dave Smart first step, 5star pairs jab vs close-out, also Passing - Partner, Shooting - Pre-game, Tauer form.

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