Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills


Each player has a partner.

a) One ball

Chest pass to your partner, who passes back. Each player catches the ball with both feet in the air, lands with a jump stop in triple threat position.

- bounce passes
- overhead passes
- step-around passes
- baseball passes
- push passes
- push bounce passes
- how many passes can they make in 30 seconds?

Options before passing
- pass fake to the player on your left, or right
- pivot 360 degrees
- sweep, jab step, upfake
- take 3 dribbles on the spot (David Faucher)
- make a triple-threat move using a blast or crossover step.

Steve Nash
- be on balance, in an athletic position, knees bent, feet shoulder width apart
- use two hands
- step through to make a pass
- follow through to have your thumbs down and palms out, snap it
- come meet the ball as a receiver, meet the pass, don't give the defence a chance to intercept it (jump forward into a jump stop)
- fake a pass to make a pass - pass fake to one side before passing to partner
- in a game, v-cut to get open, take the defender in as though you are making a cut to the basket, pop out, catch the ball, square up to the basket in triple threat
- the three basic passes are chest, bounce (basically the same thing), and overhead.

Bill Pangos - Movement - after passing, move a few feet away from the pass, plant, make a sharp cut towards the ball for a pass. Option - add a shot fake or pass fake before passing.
Brenda Frese - dribble, same-hand push pass (pound and push), used in transition.
John Belein - to take the ball from one side to the other, sweep it low or bring it over your head.
Basketball New South Wales - 1 takes a hard dribble with his right hand, push passes with the same hand from his hip, partner catches in shooting stance with hands up (1 hits the target), chest passes back to 1's right hand. Repeat 10 times, then 2 push passes, then left-hand push pass.
SNYB - pivot and pass - catch, pivot 360 degrees, pass back to partner.
See Shooting - Pre-game, Tauer form, Press break - Hofstra pivot.

b) Two balls

Each player has a ball. 1 chest passes to 2 while 2 bounce passes to 1, then switch.


- each player makes a right-hard push pass to the left shoulder of the other player
- on a signal, 1 bounce passes, 2 chest passes.

Alex Daniltchev

- catch push passes with one hand not both
- make three dribbles and bounce pass left hand to right hand, right hand to left hand
- both players move upcourt and back while passing (one player going forward, the other backward).

See Passing - Ganon Baker partner.

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