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Tauer form

John Tauer

There are 3 keys to shooting,
a) the ball has to go straight - start squared up to the basket, follow through straight to the basket,
b) the ball has to go up - use your legs, start with knees bent, shoot up not out,
c) the ball has to go the correct distance - practice, reps.

Use a progression to work on shooting form - without a ball then with a ball, one hand then add the guide hand, no basket then at a basket.
See Keys to shooting.


Players are on the 3-point line facing the basket, with no ball, butt down, they "shoot" and hold their follow-through. It's a one-handed shot, the guide hand should finish lower than the shooting hand. Follow through with elbow locked, above the ear, wrist snapped. For the ball to go up, start low, with the shooting hand under the ball, the arm should look like the letter C (a waiter in a restaurant).

See Shooting - 5star shadow.

2) Partner shooting

With one ball, facing each other on the lane lines,

a) One-hand shooting, drop the ball on his head, he shoots back to you.

b) Add the guide hand.
See Gooroo videos - Partner shooting, BEEF shooting (Tara VanDerveer).
- shoot from waiter, ready then set positions
- pound stuff shooting - take one or more dribbles (dominant then weak hand), shoot
- stuff shooting - hold in the ball in one hand (then the other)
- ball on the floor
- drop shooting - touch the ball to the floor.
Frog shooting (SNYB) - 10 toes to the basket in stance, ball on the floor, pick it up, jump straight up and shoot (option - to yourself, let it bounce).

Shot preparation (quick release)

c) Partner has the ball, drop your shooting foot back (at an angle), bent knees, palms to the passer, as partner chest passes, step forward with the shooting foot as the ball is coming, catch and go right up into the shot. Continue then switch the passer and shooter.

Don't stand up before the catch, or bring the ball down and back up. The right foot is the shooting foot for a right-hander.
- catch with a 1-2 or hop step
- line shooting
- partner takes one dribble then makes a same-hand push pass.

See Shooting - Rick Torbett (line shooting), Passing - Partner.

At a basket

d) Partner is your rebounder, start at the block, one-hand shooting, move a small step back on the lane line if you make three shots in a row.

e) Repeat adding the guide hand.

If you miss short, you're not using your legs, it's a flat shot.
Xavier - Mustang shooting - start at 15 feet, step out on 4 makes in a row, step in on 2 misses in a row, how far out can you get in 5 minutes, players switch.
Taylor Allan - range shooting - start 5 feet from the basket, keep moving back one step on 3 (or 2) makes, stop on 3 (or 2) misses in a row.
Damin Altizer - extending range - sit on a chair, rise up to shoot, make 5, move back to the next chair (use 3 chairs).

See Shooting - Dave Smart beat the pro, Range finder, Bigelow 13 spots, Form.

Catch and shoot

f) From the foul line, the shooter drops the shooting foot and steps into the shot, partner doesn't pass unless the shooter is down in a stance. Continue then switch passers and shooters.
(Variation - shoot for 1 minute, switch shooters, repeat, keep score)

g) Competitive - in pairs, shoot from the elbow, get your rebound, partner is the next shooter (shooters alternate), first pair to make 5.
(Variation - shoot for 2 minutes).

They want players to be able to make 80% of shots from wherever they shoot, there's no reason not to make a shot if you are open (game shooting percentage will be about half of practice percentage).
See Shooting - Bill Self partner, Jr. NBA - Shooting (Fundamentals).

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