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Nash block

Steve Nash

Alternate one-hand form shooting from each block (1 shoots, then 3, then 2, etc.), then move up to a mid-lane position, then to the elbows.

(Variation - use a guide hand)

When Nash comes in the gym he starts real simple, gets his basics, timing and mechanics down, that's why he starts in close to the basket to get proper form, rhythm and his confidence up so that when he steps back he feels really ready to shoot the ball.

Taylor Allan
- one-hand form shooting - holding the ball in front in your shooting hand, drop it, squat to catch and move into a one-handed set shot
- Nash shooting - from the block, touch the ball to the floor, elevate, shoot a bank shot, move block to block
- range shooting - start 5 feet from the basket, keep moving back one step on 3 (or 2) makes, stop on 3 (or 2) misses in a row.

Frog shooting - 10 toes to the basket in stance, ball on the floor, pick it up, jump straight up and shoot (option - to yourself, let it bounce).

See Shooting - Nash form, Frankston 3-line, Popeyes, UBC.

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