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Frankston step-up

Frankston Blues

One-bounce form shooting, used to teach players to be quick from the gather to the shot and to shoot through the set point. With the non-dominant anchor foot forward and the dominant shooting foot behind, bounce the ball once, catch and step into the shot with the shooting foot. Start the shot looking over the ball, sighting the rim, shoot on the way up in one smooth motion.
- dominant foot forward, dribble with the non-dominant hand
- step with the non-dominant foot while taking one dribble with the dominant hand, step up with the dominant foot for a 1-2 dribble, or jump off the non-dominant foot and land on both feet for a two-foot hop (progression - step with the dominant foot, dribble with the non-dominant hand).
See Shooting - Rick Torbett, Eastman quick release, Tauer form, Adam Filippi, also GVRTC form.

Jason Wright - coach bounces the ball to the shooter from one side or from in front, the shooter uses a 1-2 step. The ball is a shot put, catch with the shooting hand under it, close to the body. Shoot with one motion, don't stop with the ball overhead. Follow through the middle of the eyes (forehead), up not out, hold for 2 seconds, index finger down, you are a statue on the finish. Only the palm of the guide hand goes on the ball, not the fingers, and the guide hand does not follow through completely.
See Shooting - Triano 7-spot workout (e).
Damin Altizer - push-up to explode - do a push-up with both hands on a basketball, explode up with three steps into a pull-up shot (the first step is with the outside foot).
See Shooting - Altizer 3-step explosion.
Taylor Allan
a) shooting
- kills and pulls - forward lunge position on the wing in front of a chair (or cone), 10 pound dribbles, between the legs into a one-dribble pull-up, 5 shots going both ways on both wings
- Gary Payton - 10 pound dribbles, between the legs then reverse dribble back around the chair into a pull-up
- iso-lunge spin jumpers - start out top on one side in a lunge position (outside foot forward), hold for 5 seconds, explode out with one hard dribble, drop step with the trail foot, spin middle for a jump shot, do 10 on each side.
b) finishing
- Kobe complex - 10 feet from the basket, facing away, scissor-dribble 6 times, jump stop, front pivot, reverse pivot, front pivot, step into a goofy-foot scoop layup (outside hand off the outside foot, not a step-thru)
c) drives
- iso-lunge drives - start on the wing in a forward lunge position for 5 seconds, inside foot forward, explode into a (crossover) drive and finish on the other side of the rim (one dribble, 3 steps)
- floor-touch drives - lunge position on the wing, 5 pound dribbles with the outside hand, between the legs then touch the floor, finish on the other side of the rim (one dribble)
- split-jump drives - from a lunge position on the wing, inside foot forward, jump in the air, switch legs, land, split jump again, land, explode and finish with one dribble on the other side of the rim (3 steps) or on the same side of the rim (direct drive, 2 steps, regular layup), progression - start with the outside foot forward, finish on the other side of the rim (3 steps, half reverse layup) or on the same side (crossover drive, 2 steps, inside hand off the outside foot). (This progression can be used with iso-lunge and floor-touch drives).
See Shooting - Chair drills (floor-pound drives).
Taylor Allan - release speed determines whether you get your shot off against good defence, i.e. how quickly can you efficiently and fluidly catch the ball and bring it into the shooting pocket (ball to pocket speed), then transition through the shooting pocket without stopping and losing all momentum.up

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