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clear.gifShooting - Adam Filippi

Shooting mechanics

  • Feet point at the rim, shooting foot slightly forward, legs flexed (loaded, not more than 45 degrees).
  • Do not raise the ball as you flex your knees.
  • Shooting pocket - ball in stomach-chest area (triple threat), wrist cocked (almost 90 degrees), fingers naturally spread, guide (balance) hand on the side of the ball.
  • Never dip the ball before you raise it to shoot.
  • Shooting fork - index and middle finger about 1 inch apart, middle of the ball between them (e.g. valve stem).
  • Pinky and ring finger do not add force to the shot.
  • Finger pads and thumb on the ball.
  • Release point - right above your eye/forehead on the shooting side (not behind your head), just before arm extension, see the basket under the ball, between your arms.
  • As you raise the ball from the shooting pocket to the release point, the shooting wrist and forearm remain at approximate 90-degree angles, legs extend.
  • No hitch - extremely brief pause.
  • Guide hand comes off at the release point, shooting hand is under the ball
  • feet push off the floor as the arm extends.
  • Use a lower shooting pocket and release point for a smooth rhythm and quick release (Steve Nash).
  • The ball leaves your shooting hand on the way up, not at the top of your jump.
  • Follow-through - arm extension (upward force), wrist snap (forward force), hold release, eyes on rim
  • 50-55 degree arc, shooting elbow extends at eye level.
  • Keep fingers spread, put shooting fingers in the rim (backspin).
  • Guide hand does not drop, fingers pointing up.
  • Land on balance, don't fade sideways or backwards.up

Form shooting drills

  • Shoot the ball to yourself, then at a basket, begin at close range, move back.
  • One-hand form shooting
    • In stance (legs flexed), the ball lies in your shooting hand, raise and rotate it up to your release point, shoot and hold the follow-through.
    • Or hold the ball in your shot pocket using the guide hand, then raise to the release point using only the shooting hand.
    • With balance hand - raise the ball from the shot pocket to the release point with both hands, then take off the balance hand off but keep that arm up (see Dave Love isolation position).
  • Two-hand form shooting - from the shot pocket.
  • On your back - lying on the floor, two-hand shooting.
  • Chair shooting - from the shot pocket, back straight, remain seated
  • Floor shooting - sitting on the floor (legs crossed or open).
  • See Form shooting, Augie Johnstonup.

Wrist-snap drills

  • Wrist-only drill - in front of the basket, shooting arm fully extended, shoot using your wrist, put the two shooting fingers in the basket (index and middle finger).
  • Wrist-flexibility - pull the two shooting fingers back with your non-shooting hand and let go, snapping your wrist.
  • See Nash formup.

Alignment drills

  • Line shooting with a partner - shoot to each other letting the ball bounce on a line.
  • Side of the backboard drill - from about 10-12 feet away (one hand then two-hand, set shots then jump shots).
  • Wall shooting - about 10-12 feet from a wall.
  • Elbow-in drill - hold the ball in your shot pocket, raise the ball above your eyes (release point) then back down again, elbow in, repeat.
  • See Drew Hanlen (shot fake)up.

Rhythm drills

  • Chair shooting #2 - sit on a chair, rise to a standing position and shoot on your toes (progression - jump shot).
  • Step-in drill - catch with shooting foot back, step into your shot motion (don't raise your hips, reload, or dip with the ball).
  • See Tauer formup.

Hop drills (balance)

  • Start with the ball above your shooting eye, then lower it to the shoulder then shot pocket.
  • Stationary hops - three hops in the same spot, shoot on the last one.
  • Forward hops - three forward hops, shoot.
  • Sideways hops - three hops to one side, shoot.
  • Forward-back-forward - hop forward, back, forward, shoot.
  • Back-forward-back - hop backward, forward, back, shoot.
  • Side-return-side-return - hop to one side and back, to the other side and back, shoot.
  • See GVRTC formup.

Ball-quick drills

  • In a square basketball stance, take one hard strong-hand dribble, catch the ball in your shot pocket ready to shoot.
  • Repeat with three dribbles.
  • One hard dribble with the weak hand (guide hand on the side to transfer the ball laterally to the shooting hand).
  • Three weak-hand dribbles.
  • Add the shot (pound and shoot).
  • Dynamic version - 2-3 dribbles forward, stop and pick up the ball (1-2 inside pivot, or jump stop), add the shot.
  • Pound and shoot - after 4-6 pound dribbles or coach calls "shot", stop and shoot.
  • Scissors and shoot - after 4-6 scissors dribbles or coach calls "shot", stop and shoot.
  • Pound and go - start outside the arc, after 4-6 pound dribbles or coach calls "go", drive with two dribbles for a jump shot (right-hand right dribbles, left-hand left dribbles, right-hand crossover left dribble, left-hand crossover right dribble).
  • Scissors and go - like pound and go but with scissors dribbles.
  • Around the arc - start in a corner, take 1-2-3 dribbles around the arc, square up (inside pivot, jump stop), ball in the shot pocket, go around the arc and back, progressions - shoot to yourself, shoot at the rim.
  • See Frankston step-upup.

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