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GVRTC form


Form shooting routine.

a) Form shooting, no ball, begin by not jumping then add jumping. Look for

- shooting elbow finishing as the level of the middle of the forehead to ensure the shot has proper arc
- shooting hand fingers staying spread
- the arm of the guide hand not dropping or pulling back (reduce upper body movement)
- the guide hand stays perpendicular to the target.

See Shooting - 5star shadow.

b) Form shooting with a ball, 4 feet from the basket, no jump, with guide hand. Focus on

- the ball coming off the index and middle finger last, and they point to the basket
- elbow lift
- release with fingers spread.

c) Form shooting, one big step back from 4 feet, no jumping.

d) Form shooting with jump, take another big step back (12-14 feet from the basket). Relax the knees then make a quick "down and up" action with the knees, push into the floor hard to get off the floor, keep the rhythm of the upper and lower body the same, be smooth.

e) Bounce, bounce, shoot, 10-18 feet from the basket, hold the ball in the shooting pocket, take two jumps, shoot on the third jump (progression - move forward on the jumps). Be quick off the floor on the third jump, have a good rhythm so the shot feels smooth.
Dennis Stanton - balance and footwork shooting (YouTube)
- hop front-back, shoot
- hop back-front, shoot
- hop right-left, shoot
- hop left-right, shoot
- hop forward 3 times, shoot
- hop forward 2 times, shoot
- hop forward once, shoot
- hop diagonally forward R-L-R, shoot
- hop diagonally forward R-L, shoot
- hop diagonally forward R, shoot.
See Shooting - Adam Filippi (hop drills), Post play - Bill Bradley.
A common shooting flaw is adding power to the shot with the guide hand, especially the thumb (the palm of the guide hand will be facing the basket after the shot). One correction is to use only the palm of the guide hand on the ball, not the fingers (see Frankston step-up shooting). Other suggestions are
- make an OK symbol with the guide hand
- move the thumb directly beside the index finger (Rick Torbett - hold a coin between them)
- keep the off-arm in the shape of an L with the upper arm parallel to the floor, so the guide hand comes off earlier in the shot.

f) Step-up 90s - for a right-hander, face sideways with the left foot closest to the basket, hold the ball in the shooting pocket (triple threat), forward pivot on the left foot, quickly bring the right foot into shooting position, shoot. Stay loaded and explode into the shot when the second foot hits the floor.


- face the other side, pivot on the right foot
- step with the left foot then pivot, or jump to land on two, a hop step (it's a travel, but isolate the footwork to start. see step-up shot, below)
- spin a pass
- use a dribble
- face the basket (step-ups with no square-up), use an anchor foot, 1-2, or hop step.
See Shooting - Frankston step-up, Rick Torbett, also 90s.

Mike McNeill

Progression drills for teaching the pull-up jump shot are

a) high shooting pocket - arms almost fully extended above, shoot without jumping but using a slight bend at the knees

b) high shooting pocket with jump - quick down and up action with the knees, release at or near the top of the jump

c) step-up shot - move on the inside foot in a heel-to-toe action then quickly bring the second foot into position, focus on pushing into the floor and driving the hips through to get maximum height

d) two-dribble shot to the right, for a right-hander - the last dribble is hard

e) two-dribble shot to the left - take the ball diagonally across the torso before lifting it to the shooting pocket over head.

See Shooting - Hubie Brown off the dribble.

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