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Chair drills


a) Three players with balls are behind a chair on the right wing, remaining players are behind the baseline without balls. Player 1 puts a ball on the chair then goes to the other line. 4 sprints to the chair, jump stops, reverse pivots on his outside foot, sweeps, drives the basket, rebounds and goes with the ball behind 3. 2 puts another ball on the chair as soon as 4 picks one up. Switch sides.

Options - jab step, shot fake, crossover, one-dribble pull-ups, power layups, bank shots.
Don Kelbick - inside pivot - one shooter, a chair on each wing with a ball, inside pivot (reverse pivot on the baseline-outside foot),
- shoot
- one-dribble baseline pull-up
- one dribble baseline, crossover middle, shoot.
Ryan Goodson
- pass to a coach, who puts the ball on the chair, square up, make a jab series move, work both sides
- players make a dribble move out to a chair, tap it with the ball, then square up.
Taylor Allan - floor-pound drives - start on the baseline on one side of the lane, dribble out top with continuous between the legs, swiping the floor on each dribble, pound the ball to a dead stop, pick it up, reverse pivot on the outside foot (sweep), explode to the rim, finish, do 5 on each side.
See Layups - Blast cuts, Shooting - Pasquali reaction (pass to coach for a handback), Frankston step-up (Kobe complex).

b) Same drill but with a chair at the elbow, pick up the ball and chin it, reverse pivot on the inside (right) foot (drop step with the left).

highperformancebasketball.ca - reverse pivot on the outside foot, a) jab step, crossover, attack middle; then b) rocker - ball, head and shoulder fake middle (sweep), strong-side drive.

c) agility run - 4 backpedals to the chair at one elbow, sprint across the foul line to pick up a ball from a chair at the other elbow, and scores with one dribble.
See Layups - Eastman intensity, Shooting -  Eastman elbow pickups.

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