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Ganon Baker partner

Ganon Baker

1) Both players have a ball and pass at the same time. Progressions

- right-hand push passes, pass to partner's left shoulder
- left-hand push passes to the right shoulder
- right-hand bounce pass
- right-hand hook pass (long and low step with the right foot)
- left-hand bounce pass
- left-hand hook pass (step with the left foot)
- overhead passes by one player, chest passes by the other, continue then "switch" on coach's signal
- chest pass, bounce pass, switch
- alternating one-hand pass and catch on each side, right-hand pass to partner's left hand, left-hand pass to his right hand (hands are sponges)
- then take one dribble on the spot before each pass (Jason Kidd off the dribble)
- one-hand bounce pass and catch
- add a dribble before the bounce pass
- left-hand shovel pass - figure-8 through the legs right-left, left-right, right-left, shovel pass
- right-hand shovel pass - figure-8 left-right, right-left, left-right, shovel pass
- Aussie shovel - one-hand shovel and catch on each side
- then add one dribble first.
a) two balls
- chest and bounce passes, switch
- left-hand snap passes, then right hand
- snap bounce passes (step into it)
b) one ball, pass fakes (see below)
- fake high (overhead) pass low (step around, snap bounce pass)
- fake low pass high (step, pass fake, snap pass).
- right-hand high pass fake, bounce pass
- alternating push passes (right hand to left hand, left hand to right hand)
- alternating one-hand bounce passes
- alternating push pass one ball, bounce pass the other ball
- alternating one-hand catch, dribble, inside-out dribble, push pass
- alternating one-hand catch, dribble, crossover dribble, push pass
- alternating push passes while moving vertically (one player forward, the other backward)
- alternating push passes with dribble - catch, one dribble, pass with the same hand
- same time - each player push passes both balls at the same time
- bounce pass, air pass - while moving vertically, one player bounce passes, partner air passes.
Rick Torbett

a) 2 balls
- stationary same-side touch - pass left hand to right hand, right hand to left hand
- moving same-side touch - players move laterally back and forth
- stationary one-direction touch - catch with left hand, pass with right hand, then switch (or catch with both hands, pass with one hand)
- moving one-direction touch
- off power dribble - in a closed stance, dribble and pass with the right hand, catch with both hands
- circle one leg (inside-out), pass, then while moving further apart
- figure 8 around the legs, pass
- juggle - one player juggles a ball (toss it in the air) while catching and passing the other ball (progression - around his back, or mix it up)
- air, bounce - one player air passes, the other bounce passes.

b) 1 ball
- follow the leader, e.g., circle your head
- around the back - one player faces sideways and passes behind his back, partner keeps moving further away
- catching bad passes - one player throws bad passes to partner.

coachesclipboard.ca - rocket pass (one ball) - with their left hand behind their back, players catch and make hard passes with their right hand (then switch hands).

See Passing - Partner, Baker drills, Post play - Duke pairs 2-ball passing, Rebounding - 5star hands.up

b) One ball

Partners are facing the same direction.

Steve Nash kick passes
- pass sideways (both hands on the ball), continue then switch to face the other way
- one dribble then pass
- one-hand dribble, one-hand pass (inside hand)
- one-hand dribble, pass and catch.

Option - shovel pass with the outside hand (see Ganon Baker solo one-ball passing).
coachesclipboard.ca - players face opposite directions, make behind the back passes, progression - catch, dribble, pass.
Matthew Dellavedova - Drills with Delly - partner passing, both players face the same way,
Intermediate passing
- pound, pocket pass
- pound, behind the back bounce pass
Advanced Passing
- pound, behind the back
- pound, inside-hand flick bounce pass
- pound, hook pass. up

- cross-over with the right foot, pass with the left hand
- double pivot - sweep then forward pivot on the left foot in one motion, pass with the right hand
- sweep, double pivot with right-foot pivot.

Iverson pivot (defender tight, no room to sweep)
- reverse pivot (drop step) on the left foot, pass with the left hand
- bounce (hook) pass with the left hand
- drop step on the right foot, pass with the right hand
- option - reverse pivot (or forward pivot) back to the starting position.

Fake then take
- fake before passing, e.g., pass fake, shot fake, Iverson side jab step, Kobe front jab.

Against pressure, stay low, tuck the ball in, elbow behind. Use hook, sweep, Iverson and double pivots to create space. Read your man, look for doors - shoulder-to-head each side (arms down), armpit to hip (arms up). Also read other defenders, including the help.
Dave Malowski - step forward on an angle with the outside foot (lunge position), outside-hand bounce pass, take the other hand off the ball as late as possible, progression catch with two feet in the air, crossover step (stronger), pass with outside hand (no more dominant pivot foot).
Matthew Dellavedova - Beginner passing - step with the outside foot, pass with the outside hand.up

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